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Tovolo Pro-Grade Sil Pastry Mat w/Reference Marks

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Skip scrubbing stuck-on food from your baking sheets. The Tovolo Pro-Grade Sil Pastry Mat w/ Reference Marks is naturally non-stick and protects pans from baked-on grime. The thin mat replicates the baking surface while providing just enough insulation to prevent burning. Made of high-heat resistant silicone, this baking mat is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This multifunctional mat can be used to create a non-slip countertop baking station; it can be used in the oven, as well as the microwave. A solid, distinct border helps to establish a clear working area, while dotted-line grids provide reference marks for accurate sizing and placement, making it easy to follow recipes with exact precision. Not only will this silicone baking mat protect pans from natural wear and tear, it will also assist in even baking, keeping you from burnt cookie bottoms. Bake on it, wipe it down, and roll it up for easy use and easy storage.