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Tovolo Grey King Cube Tray With Lid

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Add a royal touch to your favorite drinks with the King Cube Ice Tray with Lid from Tovolo. These impressive cubes melt slowly, keeping your drinks cold for longer and reducing the water in your drinks. Trays create extra-large 2-inch cubes. Durable, fade-resistant silicone lasts through freezing cycles without becoming brittle. Silicone makes it easy to remove as many or few cubes as you want. The food-grade silicone will not affect the taste of your ice. Tight-fitting lid seals out odors and allows stacking. Lid creates a seal by fitting into the lip of silicone, and the stable base fits perfectly on top of another tray’s lid, so you can stack multiple silicone ice trays. The impressive size helps ice melt slowly. The durable, food-grade silicone allows easy removal of one or two cubes at a time, so you can enjoy your drinks with as much ice as you want. This tray now comes with a tight-fitting lid to seal out unfavorable smells in the freezer, keeping your cubes fresh for a great-tasting drink. The secure lid and flat base ensures trays stack nicely inside the freezer. Freeze multiple trays of ice at once by utilizing the vertical space in your freezer. Ensure you always have ice cubes ready for a cool drink or cocktail. Rinse silicone ice trays occasionally with water and vinegar for best results. Made of BPA-free silicone and nylon. Dishwasher safe.