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Tovolo Prep & Serve BBQ Trays

SKU ICI-81-2500
You never want to transport cooked meats on the same tray you use for raw meats. This is called cross-contamination, and it is how illnesses like salmonella happen. But with Tovolo's Prep and Serve Trays, you will not make that mistake! Use the white tray for raw meat, and then flip the black tray to the top and use for cooked meats. Easy and Safe! Each Pack contains two-17 x 10.5" BPA-Free Melamine Trays. Dishwasher and Food Safe.

Known by name in the houseware's world, Tovolo strives to be the leader in kitchen tool innovation while bringing a smile to their customers. Tovolo believes that time spent cooking should be fun, and it is their mission to create tools that make any home chef feel confident! Their products are designed to deliver trustworthy performance, guaranteed!