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Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Starter Set

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SKU JAHC-36809-007
Eat healthier, save time, and store your food with long-lasting freshness with Zwilling's Fresh & Save Vacuum Starter Set. The exclusive Fresh & Save technology preserves nutrients and flavors, prevents freezer burn, and keeps food fresh up to five times longer. Blending the power of a countertop vacuum sealer with the versatility of a handheld device, the cordless vacuum pump is fast and easy to use.

Each set comes with:
1 medium glass container
1 large glass container
2 small bags
2 medium bags
1 vacuum pump.

The bags included are reusable, BPA-Free, and are ideal for sous-vide cooking and microwave reheating. Like all the ZWILLING Enfinigy Products, the Fresh & Save offers a free downloadable app giving you access to a database of original recipes.